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  1. I thought the photographs and the writings on exhibit at the Spectrum were very well executed and illustrated the ephemeral nature of our memories. When I was a graduate student in photography in the 60’s I made a 3 hole pinhole camera that had a somewhat similar effect of overlapping 3 images. The exposure took at least 5 minutes on 4×5 Tri X film that was curved inside the box that I used as a camera. Thus the overlapping effect of the images. Nicely done, Stan

      • Hi Connie;

        Nice to see that you are continuing to show your work. The Spectrum is a good place. In the past I have had slide shows there of my work but never an exhibit.

        Maybe we will see you at Jon Tobiessen’s DCC party this Sunday? Norman and I just arrived in Pittsfield yesterday and are staying for 6 weeks primarily to ski which we actually achieved this am. It felt good. Amazing how when one is dressed for the activity one can handle the cold. Down in Reston we can’t figure out what to wear from one day to the next and I think it is damper so the cold is more uncomfortable.

        Arriving in Pittsfiled is like landing on a different planet from Reston, VA in many respects but it feels like a comfy pair of old slippers. I grew up in CT and the call of memory and landscape is very strong. I know that out in the larger area of VA there is beauty and a rural feel but we are pretty much in an urban environment which is the first planned community in the US. Everything has a veneer of being planned instead of natural. It has it’s perks but….I said to Norman that I could almost imagine Revolutionary soldiers with their muskets walking across farm fields in West Stockbridge area yesterday. I know that the Revolutionary war was fought all along the Eastern seaboard but there are a lot more references to the Civil War down South which overshadows the Revolution somewhat down there compared to what is up here in New England. And the architecture is very different.

        Anyway, I won’t get into Trump too much except to say that the whole thing is tremendously disheartening and frightening. Ali told me yesterday that there were something like 15 bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers all along the Eastern Seaboard one day last week. She works as a co-administrator of a pre-school housed in a synagogue in Alexandria. The amount of hate and anger against all things different that has been unleashed and given permission to speak about by this Presidential moron is unreal! It’s my way or the highway according to Trump and all his followers. In my lifetime there has always been an attempt at civility but the ideals of democracy have become unhinged. Are you marching on Saturday?

        Say Hi to Frank,

        Sandy (and Norman)

  2. I just saw your newer work at the Spectrum Theatre. It is lovely. What an enchanting way to memoralize your history.

  3. Connie, Very much enjoyed the segment on WMHT’s “Aha!” about you this evening. Fascinating images and correlations. We’ve come a long way from the days of historic preservation in Albany. Keep up the good work. Best wishes for continued success. Paul

  4. I have fond memories of your mom. I took sewing classes with her in her home in Stuyvesant Falls, NY. My favorite class was the one in which I was the only student that day and I had her all to myself! I still remember making a sewing basket out of an old shoe box in that class. Truly a great woman and I only learned recently of her passing. My condolences to you and your family.

      • Funny that you ask, because my boyfriend bought me a sewing machine a couple of years ago. Although it had been over 30 years since I had sewn, so much of it came back to me. Big baby boom at work that year so i made a lot of baby quilts!
        I started a Facebook page for Stuyvesant Falls, stop by and check out the photos and of course add some, if you’d like.

  5. Connie, I like to record WXXI’s show, Arts in Focus. So I sat down to watch it tonight and low and behold, there you were!!!! You have done something with your God given talent and it is most impressive. Your Mom and Dad would be so proud, as am I. Keep on searching this world for images that draw our attention and make us think of just how “all’ of us are connected. Your cousin, Jennifer

    • I am so glad that you got a chance to see this and thank you for your comments. I have been missing my mother more lately wanting to share things with her (I do in my mind). Hope to see you at the came this summer.

  6. Just saw your work on MPT and found it stunning. Your comments made me look even harder. I hope to find a rerun of the show.

    • So glad you enjoyed the program. The gentleman who put the program together did a great job and I am so glad to see it is still being show. Now to get back to work and up date my site to include my current work from Honduras, Bosnia, Barcelona

  7. Hi,
    I found your pictures downstairs. I’ve always liked double exposure. I know it’s not truly a double exposure, but the pictures give that affect.
    I was nice to meet you and to see your work. Stop by the port this weekend if you are still in town. I hope to have the boat ship shape by then.

    • Daryl. I am glad you got to the show. There are a great many amazing photographs in the show. I leave on Thursday so I will have to take a rain check. The weather her has been great and I have walked my feet off everyday.

      • Hi Connie;

        I received to emails from you that were from your Global Photographer comments with no message other than the comment from Darryl Kimmel. Not too sure why? Maybe you accidentally sent your return message to me instead of to him? Sounds as if your are still traveling around. What’s your latest journey and how is Frank?



  8. Hi Connie, you were an acquaintance of my mother many years ago, Mary Brennan, from Guilderland NY. Sadly my mom passed away 3 years ago.
    I somehow remember that you have textile expertise? So I am reaching out to you as I thought you might know someone who can help me recreate my grandmother’s 1927 beaded dress into a new one. Or perhaps someone could help me and I could do it myself as I do have sewing skills.

    • Hello i remember your mother very well. She was always an enthusiastic supporter and friend of my mothers. Please contact me thru my email address and send a photograph if you can of your project that would allow me to more easily let you know if I can help or not.

      • Hi Connie; I am wondering why you sent this to me? I don’t know Mary Brennan.

        Anyway nice to hear you are still busy and creating. How is Frank. Covid is getting old and t…. is getting even older. OMG!!! But we are doing well even though I do miss some social contact. Us artists do need time alone to create so in some ways it’s a good excuse to divest of all social stuff. I do miss lap swimming. I had decided to let my hair grow out to gray and N is now cutting it. So far I am impressed. We take walks daily mounting up into over 30miles/week, have a farm share contract for veggies weekly, Norm loves too cook (thank God) and so it goes. Say Hi to Frank.



    • Hello i remember your mother very well. She was always an enthusiastic supporter and friend of my mothers. Please contact me thru my email address and send a photograph if you can of your project that would allow me to more easily let you know if I can help or not.


  9. Sandy I am not sure what is going on. I just tried to reply to the person this was meant for and it seems like it may have gone to you again. We are doing well. i too am getting tired of all this. Thank fully I am busy at work doing stuff I am enjoying and feeling that I am accomplishing something.

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