The Well Has Been Built!

Dear friends,

The exciting news is that the well was built in Mir Taqi Shah in June in time for the planting season.  Fahima Vorgetts, from Women for Afghan Women and the Afghan Women’s Fund wrote in her most recent Newsletter of her  experiences in June.

Hooking up the generator to the well head.

“In Mir Taqi Shah we dug a well for irrigation and clean water with the help and sponsorship of Women against War in Albany, New York.  The AWF and villagers are most grateful to this organization. A donated generator will pump the well water.”

The dome for school rooms being assembled.

Fahima continues, “We also built three fiberglass dome buildings to use as a school. the domes measure 19 feet by 19 feet and will accommodate 30 students.  We provided school supplies for 150 girls and over 50 women. The domes will be the first girls’ school of this village. The women are eager to form their own shora but for now they are coming to literacy classes.  The domes will also accommodate the new shora.”

Woman against the War continues to raise funds for Mir Taqi Shah and will be hosting several events in October.  The funds will be used to continue the women’s literacy program as well as begin a women’s shora or coop to help them develop economically meeting their request.   Watch for information concerning these events in future entries.

In gratitude for all your support,


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