Joyous Occasion

Some of you may know that one of my joys is very fine sewing…what I did for fun as I grew up. It also has been a strong connection with the female line of my family. I was taught by my mother at age 5 who learned from her mother. I had always wanted to pass the knowledge on to my own daughter. Not having a daughter to do this with I did the next best thing…I taught some of the daughters of my close friends. Sarah was one. About this time last year she asked if I would remake her Grandmother’s wedding dress that also had been remade for one of her Aunts. The “task” was completed Wednesday, August 29, 2012, and the beautiful wedding took place yesterday September 2. Here are some of the photographs featuring the happy bride in the dress. I am so honored and grateful that Sarah gave me this opportunity.

Sarah with her father Chris walking down the “aisle”.

My favorite of Sarah just after Joe, her now husband, covered her before the Jewish service.

The new married couple.

It was a wonderful day!!!

Now to get home to pack to leave for West Africa tomorrow morning.

5 Comments on “Joyous Occasion

  1. Thanks so, so much for your love, your skill and your awareness of beauty in fabric. Much love, Betsy (MOB)

  2. Connie thanks so much for beautiful pictures of beautiful bride in beautiful dress! Now have a wonderful and sAFE TRIP TO wEST aFRICA AND I LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AND YOUR PHOTOS WHEN YOU RETURN. bUNTY

  3. Am enjoying this already and you haven’t even left! As a child sewing was the first and most important ingredient in my becoming a silversmith/artist. It taught me critical thinking, volume, shape, form, texture, line, fit, seams, decorative elements, perseverance and goal setting. All transferable to metals. Also made my daughter’s wedding dress out of mine and it was truly a rewarding moment to retrace my earlier memories and no greater gift than to be trusted with her special day.

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