Yak roz didi dost. Digar roz didi brodar.
“One day you see a friend. The next day you see a brother.”
—Afghan Proverb

3 Comments on “Portraits

  1. The vivid humanity of Afghans is palpable in these compassionate portraits. I almost feel as if some of these people were in the room with me right now.

  2. Thank you Connie for these beautiful portraits. How can President Obama joke about Predator drones when they kill children in Afghanistan and Pakistan? No child is a terrorist. Thank you for showing us the faces of real people, people we need to hold and treasure in order to hang on to our humanity as Americans.

  3. Thank you Connie. Travling with you was a good experience. When I see these faces I think of the Taliban and their senseless killing and burning of schools. What will happen to the Afghan women if the NATO forces leave now?

    Soon a negotiated peace — will it be at the expense of women’s rights?

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