Self Portrait

Global Village Photographer
c/o Connie Frisbee Houde
22 Elm Street, Albany, NY 12202


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11 Comments on “Contact

  1. I got your message. I look forward to looking at the photos. Do you also have the self-portrait on this page. It’s delightful!
    It was a great pleasure to speak to you about your work. Thank you, Natalie

  2. I have been reading almost anything I can get my hands on RE: the plight of the women of Afhanistan so your recent exhiblt & article in the TU caught my attention. Iam a member of the First United Methodist Church in Voorheesville and wondered how and if you’d be interested in coming to speak to us and show us your pictures of Afghanistan? It wouldn’t be until next fall I’m guessing but I wanted to get in touch with you now. Please let me know through my email address. Thank you and good luck with your powerful work.
    Dianne Luci

  3. I asked you about speaking to the Voorheesville community & you said yes. I thought doing it in the fall but with nicer weather I’m wondering if May would be better. Are you available May 18th in the evening. We are now installing A/V equipment in our church which I think would make your presentation even better. We would take a free will offering which you’d take for your project. Plz contact ASAP so I can start working on publicity. I’ll be away April 12-25th so the sooner we can get a date, the better.
    Looking forward to hearing from you. I have read alot about middle Eastern women’s plight & it is dear to my heart.

    Dianne Luci

  4. Could you give me a phone call so we can verify everything for tues May 25th here in Voorheesville.? My # 765-4536. Evening is good but I’m available tomorrow Thurs or Fri after 10 am.


  5. Hi, Connie:
    Love your website – and your work! In fact, I am totally lost in admiration of your effectiveness and skills!!!

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