Giving Thanks

28 Friends and Family gathered for Thanksgiving with my 94 year old mother Priscilla at the head and Astrid the youngest on the left.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. For me in means many family members of all different ages around a table. Growing up we would go over the bridge and through the woods to my Grandmother’s house where we never could get every one around the table.  We always hoped that we would have graduated to sit at the adult table however when you are one of the younger ones no mater how old I was there never seemed to be enough room. So in my house everyone was around the table as we pushed our furniture aside and borrowed tables and chairs from friends and neighbors.  Priscilla Frisbee, my 94 year old mother was at the head of the table. Astrid sitting on her father’s lap (her mother is standing) was the youngest.  It was mostly longtime friends who are my neighborhood family who I am so grateful to know.

Thank you all for being such beautiful inspirational friends,