Safely Home

Dear Friends,

It has been difficult for me to continue to make entires to my blog.  While I was traveling in Afghanistan I didn’t feel safe to continue to blog and after I got home I was working to recover and find a bit of normalcy.  That I found in working in my garden that was completely over grown.  My husband, frank and I worked to reclaim it and harvest the many juicy ripe tomatoes. We have been processing and “putting by” the produce.

The most grounding and healing piece so far was a short overnight in the Adirondacks where Frank had been when he heard the news about Tom’s untimely death. To ease his own grief he and another friend made a pew in a cathedral in the woods of old growth pines.  We made our pilgrimage to visit the bench and hang out with the loons.

The Tom Little Memorial Pew located in the Adirondacks which he loved.

Across the next few days I will be posting concerning several upcoming programs I will be giving concerning my experiences in Afghanistan this trip.  Please mark your calendars Friday September 17th talk back and fundraiser to pay for this last trip including a donation to the Mir Taqi Shah school for uniforms for the girls.  Life Goes ON — August in Afghanistan, a photography exhibit dedicated to Tom Little and the Nuristan Medical Eye camp team will have an opening reception first Friday October 1.  Watch for the particulars!

I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all the encouragement and support that you have given me as I dealt with the shock of Tom and his friends deaths and my own vulnerability as I traveled inAfghanistan.  It was very good to get home appreciating the safety and love on my own home, family and friends.

In graditude.


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